Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Bigtime Random

I just realized I never posted pics of Disabled Man's bday celebration with us.  Gee, I'm "only" a month and 4 days late.  Lol  Anyway, I'm just worried about him right now.  Went by his apartment to put some medicine in his med box for the week and noticed he had accidentally taken Tuesday morning AND Wednesday morning meds today instead of Tues morning and Tues afternoon.   Ughhh.  That means he overdosed on 2 psych meds, 2 reflux meds, and 2 blood pressure pills (the most concerning to me).  Glad I went by or he would probably have taken his noon pills as well, which would've been another BP pill of a different kind.  Ugh.  His blood sugar was over 400 yesterday evening, and for lunch today he was having grapes and a WW ice cream bar.  I have tried and tried to help him understand he just can't eat fruits and sweets for meals.  He is insulin dependent.  He has home health nurses coming in twice a week.  I'm feeling he's at a point where he needs more help than I can give him.  :-/  Only he can't get that help because he can't afford it but isn't poor enough to get it free.  I have called his doctor's office and left a message with all this info for his nurse.  Just waiting for a call back.

So here is DM enjoying his special attention!

We had a picture of him and his pet bird blown up and framed.  He loved it.  He used to have a bird for a pet, but he had to give it away because he couldn't take care of it.  Plus, he's a chain smoker so that poor bird!  Lol  My mother-in-law took in the bird so he can still see it occasionally. 

We also gave him some spray on cologne (he likes to pretty much bath in it, lol) and a couple odds and ends things.

Anyway, I talk about Disabled Man a lot, so I just wanted to share with you.  :)

Monday, August 18, 2014

To the Gym We Go

Despite having friends with us on Sunday and taking them out for lunch, I still did great with choosing my food.  And even though my kitchen looked like it had blown up yesterday and I barely got to clean it before heading back to church Sunday night, I threw stuff in the crockpot on high for chili that night as planned.  Then he dessert demon took hold.  Before I knew it, I was making no-bake cookies.  After I made them, however, I walked away and got on the computer for a few minutes.  I think walking away for a few minutes helped how I handled the situation. I ended up going back into the kitchen and having 3-1/2 cookies and milk, but this is an improvement over how many I would normally eat.  At this point, any improvement is good.  I decided to track points for my slip-up and move forward.

Okay, people.  The sun no longer shines at 5;30 am.  When I joined the gym, birds were loudly chirping and the sun was brightly glaring into my bedroom window.  About 2 weeks ago, it was mostly dark when I attempted to get up.  This morning, 5:30 am was completely pitch black.  I know me well enough to know I am NOT going to get up in dark weather unless it's to be at the hospital for an induction of a baby.  Lol  Plus, how miserable will it be at 5:30 am in the winter?!  No thanks.

I decided right then - around 5:40 am  ;) - that I was going to have to find another time to go to the gym.  I do WANT to go.  I just feel so silly at the gym.  I mean, it feels like only fit people should be in a gym.  But that's silly!  I'm so comfortable with my 6-7 am time frame that anything else felt scary.  I had to conquer that today.

I loaded the kids up a bit before noon.  Daycare closed at 1:00 pm.  There were 2 small children in there.  I informed the lady that I homeschool, so that's why I had older kids needing daycare.  She was just a young girl, maybe 20 tops.  My kids said she was nice.  She carried the little baby around and then would go about sweeping and cleaning.  The kids had a blast.  When I went to get them from the room, my son was on plastic roller skates and didn't want to leave.  Lol  The daycare is a glass room, so there is no privacy between the kids and the worker.  Also, the only door to the place is only half a door, so you can always see in the door, too.  I really like that.

I had intentions to walk the treadmill a bit, do my arm exercises, and then cool down on the bike.  Well, some show about remodeling houses was on and I got enthralled in that.  I stayed on the treadmill at varying speeds for 53 minutes and burned 292 calories.  Not bad!  I'm glad something decent and interesting was on for me to watch.  I was worried I would be bored without a book to take along.  I need to go to the library.

We came home for lunch and had Smart Ones burgers.  I promised hubby that going to the gym at a different time of day would not mean eating out for lunch.  So now I just have to revise a homeschool schedule that allows for taking time out for the gym.  And I will have to preplan lunches really well so I can buy simple items or make ahead our lunches.

So that is how it has been going over Sunday and so far Monday.  It's not as good as I would've hoped for, but it's better than nothing at all.  And it's a start.  :)

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Back to Reality

Got up on Tuesday morning and checked out of the hotel.  Skipped breakfast completely because we slept in and then had to pack and get our stuff out of the room.  We decided to try Flapjacks for our meal.  We've been told it is good but never ate there before.  Hubby got Cinnamon Roll Pancakes along with some sides, and I ordered Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Chocolate Chip Pancakes and an omelet.  It was only 2 pancakes, but I couldn't dare eat them all.  Reread the name.  They were super rich.  Whew!  You didn't use syrup on them because the peanut butter was made into a sauce/syrup for them.  I ate about 1-1/2 and then close to 3/4 of my omelet and called it quits.

After we finished eating, we were trying to find a putt-putt place to enjoy.  My brother sent me a text to say the area where my dad had his defibrillator/pacemaker placed was swollen very badly.  He had just been to the doctor for his post-op checkup the day before.  I guess that's how things go!  Since Mom had the kids, my brother took Dad to his cardiologist.  At first, they considered sending him to the ER.  Then they decided he just had a hematoma. Since things were in limbo about what they were going to do, the hubs and I played one round of putt-putt somewhere and headed towards my parents instead of spending most of the day in Pigeon Forge as planned.

Got a call on the way to Mom and Dad's that he was sent home to apply ice and compression, go to ER if worse.  Mom was too squeamish to apply pressure to the area because poor Daddy would holler out in pain.  But I love medical stuff, so I stayed strong and made him suffer through the 5-minute compressions.  I google searched and saw that sometimes heat can be used for a hematoma, so I started alternating moist heat and compression with an ice pack immediately after.  I did this until 3:00 am.  When we got up the next morning, the hematoma was nearly gone.  Yayyy!  So glad God worked it out for me to be there for my parents on that day.  Mom gets frazzled and neither of my parents tend to obey doctor's orders very well.  Lol

We spent Tuesday evening with my parents and all had breakfast together Wednesday morning.  We packed up and started towards home.  We ate once we got back into our hometown and then came home to get ready for our Wednesday evening church service.  We had a great little getaway.

Thursday was our actual 15th anniversary.  My mother-in-law watched the kids for us while we went to eat Mexican and share some Marble Slab ice cream.

Now life is back to normal - laundry, dishes, homeschooling, kids being kids, chaos, and messes.  Lol  Today (Friday), we had a receiving friends and a birthday party to attend.  Tomorrow, I have to get all our shopping done, Disabled Man's shopping done, and we have friends coming in and staying over through Sunday morning and going to church with us.

I am going to put effort into my eating and exercising this week.  Things have been totally abandoned with so much stuff coming up or schedules conflicting or traveling.  I *think* I am going to try counting points again.  I don't know.  It just seems like it should be SO EASY.  But I manage to always mess it up.  I guess I just have so much faith in WW because it's how I lost weight the first time around.  At least I'm not paying for meetings or online WW or anything, so I'm not throwing money away.

I have had a two-week break from the pool.  This week was understandable, but last week just sorta happened.  I went Monday, and that was it.  The good thing about the break is that now I don't feel obligated to go and swim because it is social time.  Love getting to know the ladies in the pool from 6-7 am, but it's becoming more of talk time than exercise time.  Plus, it gets old changing out of soaking wet clothes every morning.  I am going to try doing treadmill, bike, or machines on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and pool on Tuesday and Thursday.  If I get bored with that and want to switch up and do MWF pool on some weeks, then I will.  I just don't want to burn myself out on any one thing.  I also need to go ahead and have my second free session with the trainer.  So maybe I could do one day of legs and one day of arms in my MWF mix. 

I really feel disgusted with myself.  Clothes are starting to feel tighter.  AGAIN.  And I already bought a new size up starting last fall.  It has to stop.  I have noticed feeling short of breath after walking distances that shouldn't be that difficult for a person my age - if I were healthy.  I have splurged on just about every food my heart could desire over the last couple months - sort of in a state of rebellion, I guess.  Ended up being kind of a good thing.  Stuff doesn't sound good anymore.  Brownies, cakes, cookies, burgers, fries, pizza - all of that has lost its appeal to me.  They served pizza tonight at the birthday party and I could barely eat two slices.  My body is over it and is letting me know!  So I'm hoping with that mentality, I can make some progress this time around.  I've got to try a million times if need be.

Oh, I also watched a show called My 600-pound Life on TLC while on our little vacation.  Wow.  I am very far from that now, but anything could become a reality.  I feel so bad for those people.  If I feel out of breath now, no wonder they can't even walk to the bathroom!  :(  I have to admit it was motivational, and it was kinda sad that several of the people didn't get or keep their weight off after having the gastric bypass because their HABITS and FOOD ADDICTIONS were so overpowering.  Kinda makes me shudder.  I'm gonna have to do this with the Lord's help.  Obviously, I can't do this in my own strength.  I tend to want to do it WITHOUT God because if I involved Him, then I am bound to something for real.  Like no diet drinks for the entire year of 2014.  What was I thinking???  Lol

Well, sadly this is reality!  Going shopping tomorrow and going to make a game plan of food and meals that I can live with.  It needs to be food I will actually eat (not buy with good intentions and then it either rots or I give it away) and something that is not difficult.  I'm way too busy for anything too time consuming.  Here's to (another) new start!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Hello from Pigeon Forge

Thought I'd stop in and say hi!  We have had such a nice trip.  We didn't get to Pigeon Forge until about 9 pm Sunday night.  Since it was so late, we just checked into the hotel and then left to get supper.  We hadn't eaten since 12:30 that afternoon.  We were starved!  I chose a salad and a loaded baked potato.  It was delicious!  Not too horribly heavy that late at night before bed, but it was more than enough to fill me up.

We slept in just as long as we wanted this morning because... there were no kids to wake us and no responsibilities awaiting us!  Ha!  Awesome!!!  We decided on order a medium supreme pizza for lunch so we wouldn't eat some big meal and feel too miserable to do anything.

After lunch, we went to the Titanic museum.  LOVE!!!  I don't think it would've been as enjoyable with the kids.  We spent 3-1/2 hours there!  We read every single thing there was to read.  A couple times, I nearly started crying.  They gave testimonies of real people who were survivors.  They had pictures of real people that were on the Titanic.  When you entered, they gave you an "admission ticket" telling you who you were.  It was the name of an actual passenger.  You didn't find out if you lived or died until you got to the memorial room.  Hubby and I were both first-class passengers and both survived.  I heard several people in the room saying they didn't survive.  It was just kinda emotional and really, really neat.  I think our oldest daughter would've loved it.  Other than that, I don't think the little ones would've been impressed.  Most people seemed to rush through it, but we paid $27 per person and we were determined to get our money's worth!  LOL

After we got out of there, we went to The Chocolate Monkey and paid for an overpriced buckeye, chocolate-covered pretzel, and a bear claw.  :)  We shared those to tide us over until we went to The Dixie Stampede.  It is a full dinner attraction.  I didn't dare eat all that food.   WHEW!  We haven't been to Dixie Stampede in seven years.  We want to take the kids so bad, but it's soooo pricey for families!  After seeing it again tonight, though, I told hubby that we should bring the kids to it at Christmas for their main gift and then just get them one or two nice gifts each to open.  Heaven knows our house doesn't need any more toys anyway, and with all the horses they would LOVE it!  Tonight we even paid $5 extra each to get front-row seating.  So cool!

Hubby and I have just relished in being able to talk to each other... uninterrupted.  We miss our kids, and we've talked about them often, but I'd be lying if I said it hasn't been a much-needed break from being parents.  And it's easy to leave them knowing they are in good hands with their very-cherished Papaw and Mamaw.  We have only spoken to the kids once a day because, frankly, they are having a ball and don't want to be on the phone!  Lol   We will be heading to my parents tomorrow to spend the night there as a family and then back home on Wednesday in time for church services.

Sadly, my dad was very weak when we got to his house.  He's reverted back to using his walker all the time.  Mom said he constantly begins to fall.  We are all really worried about him.  Every time we think he's doing good, the tables turn.  I brought a shower chair for him because he is no longer able to stand to take a shower.  Poor Daddy!  He got news today at his checkup that he has to be on a fluid restriction and no salt in or on anything.  We all know he won't comply, though.  In fact, when I talked to Mom today her reaction was, "Well, I don't know how serious they were about all that since your brother took him so I could stay with the kids."  Ummm, pardon me but THEY'RE SERIOUS!

I find it funny that I looked at the hits on my last post and it has double the hits my other posts have.  Why???  I don't know if people liked reading about going through a time where I didn't enjoy being married, reading about what a great helper my husband is, about our anniversary or what!  I told my husband and he's like, "What did you say about me?!"  LOL  He knows I am an overly-honest person, which can be good or bad.  ;)

Well, I'm all caught up with my emails and blogging now.  I'm gonna head back up to the room and spend time with the man I came to spend it with!  LOL  I don't feel like checking for typos.  This computer is sorta slow.  So just forgive me tonight for all silly mistakes.  :)

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Long, Weird Post

I am so sorry I haven't posted.  I just feel like there isn't really anything to blog about.  Gym, no gym, good food, bad food, this and that.  I keep meaning to blog about hubby's birthday.  No big deal at all, but at least it's SOMETHING.  I just don't have it in me.  Sorry to talk hormones, but I'm all messed up.  I didn't have any PMS at all this last cycle.  But then, after starting, I had all my PMS symptoms for 2 solid weeks.  I was such a crab!  Never done that before AFTER the fact.  I just feel all out of whack!

Nothing major going on around here.  Still feeling a million different emotions about low carb, high protein, WW, THM, whole foods only, calorie counting, etc., etc.  I think things were way simpler back when I didn't have a clue about "health" 8 or 9 years ago and I lost 35 pounds and nearly got to my wedding weight.  It just seemed SO SIMPLE then.  I was able to do WW perfectly, from home - no meetings or online support.  I got less points than I get now (old program), and yet I had spot-on days and lived it up on the weekend and lost like a maniac eating all processed junk like Smart Ones and Lean Cuisines and constantly drinking Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper!  I would walk every morning, usually even Sundays, and battle through the limping that my ankles caused and just LOSE WEIGHT.  I never seemed tempted or had any food struggles.  I had dessert ONCE A WEEK.  What has me baffled is how I knew so little then but had such determination.  Now I "know" so much but can't seem to apply any of it.  I don't know, but I'm going to have to apply SOMETHING because doing NOTHING isn't cutting it!

Next week is our 15th wedding anniversary.  I can't believe it!  We aren't able to celebrate on our actual anniversary because it is on the 14th.  As life would go, there are two days out of every month that my husband has ZERO flexibility in his job - the 14th and 15th - unless they are on a weekend, which means he has no flexibility the following Monday or Tuesday.  Anyway, so we will rarely ever get to celebrate our anniversary ON our actual anniversary.  So this Sunday, the 10th, we are leaving after Sunday morning service and taking the kids to stay with my parents in East Tennessee.  They will go to church there, and we will stop in someone up that direction closer to Pigeon Forge.  We were able to get a suite for only $80 a night, which I thought was a nice price for that area.  We're staying just 2 nights, but we are looking forward to it!  Our church family even gave us a financial gift to use on the trip.  That's so sweet of our people!  We've never had a church do that for us before.  I was willing to just spend time in Knoxville, but my husband had his heart set on Pigeon Forge.  He said, "We can do all the things we never get to do when the kids are with us because we can't afford it!"  Haha  He loves riding race cars and playing putt-putt and stuff.  Aside from the money, have you ever tried to play putt-putt with 4 small kids?  Don't - unless you have a  year of your life to throw away at the course!  LOL

I'm so looking forward to our getaway.  I'm super disgusted with myself that in a full year I managed to gain weight instead of lose and look great like I had hoped.  But I'm just pushing that aside and not letting it ruin the fact that we have survived 15 years of marriage.  Yes, survived.  :)  Survived partially raising 4 kids, losing 2 pregnancies through ruptured ectopics and emergency surgeries, battling me being paralyzed, a major surgery, blood loss and hospital stay for hubby, emotional ups and downs of being a preacher and preacher's wife, childishness of being a young married couple, the 10-year hump that was so difficult, realizing we are two different people who won't always share the same opinion, hormones, attitudes, stress, overworking, being underpaid, being stupid with finances and digging ourselves out slowly, learning from mistakes, and so forth.  SURVIVAL!  It's great!

I can only imagine what it's like to have me as a wife.  I can be super comical, which tends to draw people to me and help in our marriage.  But at the same time, I have too many flaws to mention.  I love my husband so much.  There was honestly a time when I really didn't think I loved him anymore.  Yes, anyone out there shocked by that, go ahead.  My husband already knows that.  I expected marriage and parenting to be like the movies and sitcoms I grew up watching.  It's not!  It's work!  It's hard!  It's give and take and give, give, give some more!  Some days it really feels like there is no time for love.  I could NEVER have imagined feeling that way when my kids were little and we only had two kids.  But more kids and older kids really brought new stress to our marriage we never knew would come.  And it was hard.  And it made us not like each other very much there for a while.  Just being honest!  But we stuck it out, and now it feels like we are being rewarded for it.  We're learning how to deal with juggling 4 kids and all their different emotions and personalities and needs.  We're learning to go out alone more, at any given opportunity, and nurture US because that, in turn, nurtures our children.  And it keeps me sane, honestly.  LOL  I'm learning that my house just obviously isn't ever going to be fully "clean" again for years.  I can't stand clutter and mess.  But I can't homeschool my kids, do laundry, cook, clean, grocery shop, run errands, handle finances, "raise" Disabled Man, etc, and mange it all perfectly.  Some stuff has to slide.  And yes, my kids help clean and take care of their own messes and even some of mine!  But I also want them to be kids.  And they have schoolwork, too.  Hubby pitches in probably more than any other man anywhere.  He's great!  When I see a mess, I want to yell and throw a fit at everyone.  I'm learning, though, that sometimes you have to throw the clean towels that need folded onto the floor, turn off the light, and gather everyone around for an episode of The Lone Ranger in black and white.  :)  My house isn't how I want it to be and I really only invite super close friends over who are also raising children and homeschool and therefore don't think I'm nasty because their house is in the same shape.  LOL

I love my husband.  He's great.  He's considerate.  He acts like I am beautiful even though I no longer look a thing like the woman he married.  He turns his head when a woman is dressed immodestly.  He sometimes takes the kids out alone just to give me some peace of mind.  I've not cleaned a tub in years because he took that over way back when.  He's not too good to run a vacuum or wash dishes, sweep a floor, make sweet tea for supper.  I could give a million examples.  Sometimes he'll grab my hand and I feel ooey-gooey, but it's usually not like that.  It's in the little things that you don't even notice in day-to-day life.  That's what real love is.  It's not passion or money or perfect bodies like they portray in movies.  No clue why I'm saying all this.  Maybe someone else out there is struggling right now and needs to hear other people understand!  We live in a techno-world where all you see of people is the good.  You see their "perfect" pictures on facebook or instagram or blogger or whatever other social network may be out there.  But I can guarantee their life isn't perfect.  Or if it is, they are newlyweds who think they have it all figured out but one day will realize they don't and life is the same for all.  Lol  I can smile with my hubby for a picture and then throw a dart at him once the camera is off.  Know what I mean?  Lol

So I guess this post was long and pointless!  I don't *think* I will be posting again until we get back from our trip.  When I do post, though, I will do a recap of swimming with the kids, hubby's birthday, our anniversary trip, and visiting with my parents.  Fair?  :)  My dad is doing GREAT by the way, since his procedure.  I mean, he's still 77 and has issues.  But he sounds way better.  I am so thankful.  I can't wait to see him!  Hubby and I are going to spend one night visiting with my parents before heading back home.  I need a big hug from Daddy and a kiss from Mama. :)  Sometimes it's just good to remember you are someone's baby, too, and they survived raising you!  LOL

All right, all right.  Hope everyone is doing great!  I'll be back soon.  Sorry for such a weird post, but at least I posted, right?!  Ha!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Food Pics

No, I'm not doing Carb Nite.  At least not now.  I know better than to jump head first into something... again.  But I did decide to try to start making some low-carb, real-food choices.  I'm nowhere near perfect on this.  Nowhere.  And I'll tell you right now that I ended the night by making no-bake cookies.  :::sigh:::  Yeah, no clue what was up with that!  But up until then, I had a pretty good day.  I started out by entering breakfast into My Fitness Pal, but I didn't know how to figure out lunch so I never entered anything else.  I was going for low carb and healthy fats.

I just took pics for fun.  I'm definitely not taking them because I did so well, know what I'm doing, picked great foods, etc.  Just haven't posted food pics in a while.  :)

Breakfast was 2 farm eggs scrambled in butter, coffee with heavy cream, 2 slices of turkey bacon, and some patty pan squash cooked in just a tad of butter.

Lunch was a no crust pizza (made with cream cheese) and a salad with RF ranch.  I put cheese, turkey pepperoni, and mushrooms on the pizza.  I had just the two slices pictured.  Hubby wasn't home for lunch today, but this went over really good with all of us who ate it. 

I felt starved later on around 4 pm.  Low carb is completely new to me.  I can't grab a bar or a fruit.  I didn't want cheese.  I grabbed a can of salmon and took a few bites.  Lol 

Supper was more salmon!  Ha!  We had salmon burgers that I got on sale at Publix a couple weeks ago.  I allowed myself a wheat bun, which I guess is technically a no-no.  It had 12 net carbs.  I put a bit of RF mayo on the bun.  I had fried radishes while the rest of the family had fried potatoes.  We all had broccoli and cheese. 

So I really have no clue how many carbs I ate today....  but I'm sure it's way less than usual!  Well, minus dessert.  Sugar is the enemy for me.  Right before I started to cook supper, I was feeling a major chocolate attack.  I decided I could have ONE of my Dove dark chocolates.  I felt around on the top shelf - nothing.  I got a chair and looked up there.  NOTHING.  My husband said there was only one left, so he ate it.  WHAT?  Does he not know the magnitude of eating the last piece of chocolate in the house!!!   Lol   But this planted the chocolate seed in my brain.  The only stuff I had on hand was for no-bake cookies.  I did only make half a batch, but still.  Wish that I had hung in there.

I couldn't fall asleep until 1:00 am wee Monday morning time, so I didn't go to the gym Monday.  I turned my alarm off.  Last night, I started laying out my gym stuff and hubby asked what I was doing.  When I told him, he said he had to leave an hour earlier today because he was working 45 minutes from the house.  :::sigh:::  So I didn't go today, either.  Hubby is off Wednesday and Thursday.  I do NOT want to get up at 5:30 am on his off days!  But at the same time, I know I'll feel odd going at a different time of day.  But I just need to get over it!

I have a root canal tomorrow at 1:00 pm.  Ugh.  I hate spending money on root canals.  There's another monthly payment!  Thursday, I'm taking DM to the doctor at 10 am and my kids to the dentist at 1:30 pm.  Busy, busy.

My friend asked us to watch her pool for her again this coming Sunday until Thursday.  The kids are super excited about that.  I hope we have nice weather so we can enjoy it!  It's fun to go somewhere that I don't have to worry about others and can keep a closer eye on the kids.

Okay, so there's my post.  I'm heading to bed.  I am still gonna be experimenting with low-carb foods/eating.  I like the idea behind Carb Nite, but I can't see me making it the initial 9 full days with no carbs.  EEEKKK!  I can't even go ONE full day.  Lol  Anyway, onward we go!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Out of Town

I didn't disappear for bad reasons!  I did get back to the gym last week.  I even had my hour session with a personal trainer Wednesday morning (two free sessions came with membership).  The lady was super nice.  Turns out she was homeschooled her entire life and homeschools her children now, so I felt like I had something in common with her right away.  I was a bit embarrassed because we sat at her desk, which was next to a full-length mirror.  I tried to ignore my reflection.  Ugh.  She wanted to know what my goals were.  For meanness, I should've said, "Well, I don't want to lose this physique!"  :)  But I told her I've struggled with being overweight for 13 years of our 15-year marriage.  I told her if it's out there, I've tried it... for 2 weeks anyway.  I was honest with her.  I told her about my knee and ankle problems.  Then I told her that I finally figured that even if I can't eat right, I can at least exercise!  But I let her know that swimming seems to be making me hungrier, so I'm not actually losing any weight.  She acted like that was very common.  I told her that has made me want to feel more comfortable in the actual gym part of the gym - not the pool.  :)  We decided to do arm exercises and machines for my first session.

According to the list she wrote for me, I did three sets each of bicep curls, arm extensions, lat pulldown underhand, lat pulldown overhand, tricep rope down, tricep rope pull back, and stretching.  I warmed up with 10 minutes on the treadmill and cooled down with 8 minutes on the bike.  As I got off the bike to walk back over to her desk with her, my exercise skirt got hung on the bike handle.  LOL!  That's happened like 3 times now.  Glad I have leggings, too!  Ha!  The worst part of the workout was stretching in front of a full body mirror.  She noticed my awkwardness and gave me a puzzled look.  I told her it was extremely hard for me to look at myself.  Mirrors don't lie. I mostly avoid mirrors other than my face.  So it was difficult.  She told me I had to look at myself stretch so I would know I was doing it right.  She also told me I had to learn to accept and love my body now so that I will have the desire to love it and change it.  I honestly think I would need psychological counseling before that could happen!  LOL By the next morning, my arms were super sore and I was aching. Ouch!

I will do another session with her, hopefully this week, and she will teach me some leg machines.  I'll have to be careful with those, though.  She said the water is really great for my legs because of my knee issues.  The water is so non-stressful.  :)

Went out of town on Thursday and stayed gone until late this evening (Saturday).  We attended a really good church conference on the family.  I was encouraged in a lot of ways but also felt conviction over areas where I know I have started slacking in my own life and in mothering my children   Also, though, it was good to exchange stories with other parents and realize that everyone's life with kids is basically crazy.  :)  We got to see friends that we don't see too often, and the kids had a blast playing with several kids their age.  I always love going down to the church we were at this weekend.

I am still reading Carb Nite.  It does make sense.  I just really wonder and ponder and agonize over whether it's worth it to even try.  I've got pretty low dieting self esteem.  LOL  I am not happy with my physical health right now, though, so I have to do something.  An elderly lady asked me if I was pregnant.  :::sigh:::  I gave her my standard response, "No, I'm not.  I'm just fat.  I'm at my heaviest weight ever, and most of it is in my stomach."   She apologized.  It's not her fault.  Some people will swear to me I don't look pregnant.  Then I'll have random people ask.  I think a lot of it has to do with what I am wearing, too, though.  My babies were from 8 lb, 15 oz up to 9 lb, 10 oz.  I carried them REALLY high.  I used to get teased that I carried my babies in my nose.  So my stomach is all stretched out.  Whenever I gain weight, it shows up in my stomach really bad.... my upper stomach.  Not lower belly fat like normal women have that is hidden beneath pants or skirts.  Nope, leave it to me to not be normal!!!  Most of my stomach is above the waistline, protruding, so it really can look like a pregnant belly.  Argh.  So my new philosophy with women is do NOT ask if they are pregnant unless a body part is sticking out!!!  Lol

Now I'm home, the kids are in bed, hubby has fallen asleep on the couch, dirty clothes are all separated and in the washer or dryer, and I'm blogging.  Just wanted to take a minute to update on my super exciting life <sarcasm> and let you know I'm still here!!!