Thursday, April 17, 2014

Time for a Party

Well, today, my baby is offically 5.  I can't fathom that, really.  But life goes on, so I'm just gonna enjoy him being another year older!

I feel bad because his birthday was today (Wednesday), but with it being a church night and all, there was no having a party this evening.  In fact, I wasn't going to throw him a party at all.  We were just going to do the usual family togetherness.  But he specifically kept asking for a party.  A Lone Ranger party (Clayton Moore era).  And I do have a rule of thumb that after your 5th bday, you don't get an actual party with friends again until you're 10.  Some people do parties every year.  With four kids, that would drive me nuts.  LOL  So this was his last chance for a party according to the afore-written family rules.  ;)

I threw all this together Monday.  Literally.  I went to Party City Monday night and then scoured the internet Monday night for other ideas.  I put off cleaning until today (like an idiot), and I still have more to get done tomorrow.  Just my style!

SO, I decided to throw my son a SURPRISE PARTY!!!  I tried to make today special in ways that I could, but I held off on all decorating until he went to bed tonight.  That way, things will be fresh for the party tomorrow evening.  He knows that we are celebrating his birthday the day after his birthday, so he didn't get gifts or anything today.  Hubby is going to take our little man to the library for a while after work.  That'll allow me to do some last minute things.  Guests will park up the road and get here by 5:30.  Hubby and son will pick up pizzas and be here around 5:40.  We'll hide out in the kitchen.  So much fun!!!  I only invited 3 children, but then I've got 4 more.  Ha!  But he really only has minimal actual friends that he will play with at this point.  He's not shy, but he is.  I dunno.

I'm SUPER proud of my cake.  I'm not good at things like this.  At all.  I mean it.  Any of you remember the 9-year-old daughter's cake from October?  Eek.  LOL  So check this out.  I can't believe I pulled it off!
Google campfire cake and hit imagines.  I put several different pics together for creating all that I wanted on my cake.  It was fun!  Two-layer cake, pebbles, oreo dirt, pirouline cookies for logs, roasted marshmallows, and melted down red, orange, and yellow candies that I broke into flames.  How cool is that???  Can you believe people come up with this stuff?  Amazing!

I feel kind of stupid because I couldn't find any rock candy (last minute me, yanno), so I got a back of pebbles from The Dollar Tree.  Don't worry, my child is the youngest attending.  No one will eat a rock, I'm sure.  They will be warned!!!  But it looks good, right?  LOL

Here are a few more pics.  I couldn't get flash to work.  Stupid camera!  But you still get the point.
I printed pics of The Lone Ranger (Clayton Moore) and Tonto (Jay Silverheels) from the internet and hung them up for added decor.  He's gonna love it!

His chair.  Still have to have the balloons blown up.  I spray painted his brown Dollar Tree hat to make it while like The Lone Ranger's hat.

Party bags for the kids.

Wall behind the table.

I couldn't fit the whole table and wall in. Bummer.

So this little boy is going to go from feeling like 5 is boring to being blown away with The Lone Ranger hanging on his wall and a surprise party.  Love it!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Gain or No Gain

As you know, we got back from vacation on Thursday evening.  Saturday morning, hubby walked in the bedroom and said, "I gained 7 pounds on vacation!"  Well, you sure can't tell it by looking at him.  He hides it well.  But hearing that put my mind into a panic.  I reluctantly sneaked onto the scale after getting out of bed.  I was nervous.  To my surprise, I was 1 pound lighter than the last time I weighed.  WHEW!  It has to be because of all the walking we did while on vacation.  That's all I can figure.  And even though we didn't eat healthily on vacation, we probably did eat LESS than usual.  We were just so busy during our days up until late in the evening that we didn't think about food too much.  And desserts and fudges and taffies were just too expensive, so we looked but didn't touch.  Ha!

When I visited with my parents on Thursday and went to their church, I must've heard four times, "I didn't know who you were!  I didn't recognize you."  That really embarrassed me because I figure it's because I'm at my heaviest ever.  And the last time I was at that church two years ago, I was at my lowest in a super long time.  I finally said to the last person, "I know!  I've gotten so fat!"  LOL  She assured me that wasn't it.  She told me it was because of my hair.  I will say that growing up there, I always kept my hair in a chin-length bob.  Now it is at/past my shoulder blades and permed.  So it's possible... but I'm still not sure I believe her.  LOL  I wouldn't tell someone, "Yes, it's def because you've gotten fat," know what I mean???  :)

I told you all I got groceries.  I stocked up do Trim Healthy Mama.  I really like the principles from THM.  I do.  But day 1 I had already made an excuse of why I should start "tomorrow."  I finally decided that I am just going to EAT.  Try to eat NORMALLY.  I am always "about to start" this or that diet/program, so I eat a bunch of junky foods and desserts that I know I can't have "when I start."  Then I last 2 or 3 days and go back to eating junk.  That makes no sense.  I would do better to eat a sandwich and a few chips with my family at lunch rather than to try to force myself to eat a certain way but not.  I'm sure the way I said that makes no sense.  Sorry.  Makes sense to me! Lol  I think my body will drop a few pounds just by doing this.  There will be a point where I'll have to restrict calories, but in the beginning I bet it works.  I guess we'll see.

Found this and loved it:

Hubby got the trampoline all set up on Saturday.  I tried jumping on it.  Ummm, why did I think that would be easy.  WOW!  What a workout!  I worked out for like a whole 1-2 minutes.  LOL  My thighs felt like jell-o afterwards.  It's been cooler and raining since then, so I've not given it another try.

Oddly enough, all my right ankle pain has stopped.  Completely.  You know how I always say all my life I couldn't even stand for long periods of time without bad pain?  Really.  I can't even grocery shop on a Friday night without coming home limping horribly with a tender ankle.  Then I had the sciatic nerve/low back issue several weeks back.  Well, now it's ALL gone.  All of it.  I was talking to a friend on the phone yesterday telling her this.  I walked all over Dollywood and Pigeon Forge without having pain or limping.  This is a brand-new thing for me.  I want to try walking the track so bad!  But at the same time, I wonder if it will exacerbate everything back up.  My feet + concrete just isn't a good combo.  But we'll see about that, too!

I was all ready to get up on schedule this morning.  Woke up an hour early to find my oldest in the bathroom with stomach issues.  Twenty minutes later, she was up again vomiting.  She's thrown up several times today.  She has still done some schooling from the couch.  Ahhh, the joys of homeschooling.  LOL

Okay, lots of jumping subjects today.  Sorry.  I think with the blog, I'm just going to blog when I have something I want to say.  No pressure.  No reporting.  No worrying what others think.  Just blogging at my own discretion.  Works for me!

Saturday, April 5, 2014


We just got back from our first-ever, REAL vacation since our honeymoon.  It was a really nice experience.  I'm glad we saved some money from our van sale to do this.  Can I just say, though, I can't believe how fast you spend money on vacation!  Omgoodness!  Tourist areas definitely take advantage of people.

I'm still not sure about the blog. I pretty much think I'm just going to leave it up and update it as I see fit.  No pressure for daily blogging or constant reports on my eating, although I do hope to still talk about that.  There are some of you who actually do contact me wanting me to continue blogging.  Thank you.  I enjoy it, so I guess I won't cut it out completely.  I'll just be more relaxed.

So for now, I'll just put in some vacation pics.
About to eat lunch.  This is day 2.  Notice the lovely sunburn around my neck from Dollywood on day 1.  Ouch!

Waiting to ride the old-timey cars at Dollywood.

Posing in the penguin exhibit at the aquarium.

Being silly!!!!

My two men and just about the only thing they enjoy doing that's considered a "ride."  They hate everything else.  Lol

Me and the girls... and some other man and his kid.  Haha

On the Dollywood Carousel.

Breakfast at the hotel Sunday morning before visiting our home church.

Inside the aquarium fish tank.

We were able to get a cabin for $200 for an entire 4 nights because we caught a GREAT special being offered!  It was soooo nice, way better than being trapped in a hotel room with 4 kids!  We had breakfast at the cabin each morning.  We had a big meal around 2ish each day.  We were so distracted with all there was to do that supper ended up being around 10 each night!  Crazy!  But we ate small at night.  Not healthy, mind you.  Small.  It is unreal all the food that surrounds you in a tourist area.  And the price of food in those areas is ridiculous!  We tried to be thrifty.  Our first night there, we went to a sit-down place.  We all got water to drink, and our ticket was $66 before tip. :::croak:::  We learned from that experience and moved forward.  LOL

My "baby" is about to turn 5 in a few days.  FIVE.  Where did those 5 years go?  My oldest "baby" will be 11 this year and keeps pointing out that over 10 is considered an adult at a lot of restaurants.  She's happy about that.  Us... not so much.  LOL

I was able to go grocery shopping tonight.  While at Dollywood, I had some first-time experiences.  Not pleasant ones.  I could still fit in all the rides and buckle the buckles.  But I noticed feeling a bit too wide for some of the seats.  I did a TON of walking while on out trip, but I'm sure I took in more calories than I burned.  Hopefully hubby will put up the trampoline tomorrow or at least soon.  Looking forward to trying that out.  Okay, it's late.  I'm getting all off track.  Good night!  :)

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Blogging Break

I've had such a busy week!  I didn't mean to disappear after my birthday Tuesday.  We are going to be out of town for a few days here shortly, and I had some things that I had to get taken care of this week.  For one thing, I'm on my last pair of contact lenses and they are old.  Time for a new exam!  So I've had a doctor's appointment, our homeschool group, hair cut appointments, and an eye appointment this week.  Someone in our church had a sibling to pass away this week, too, so tomorrow we will be going to the funeral home to support her.  Just something coming up every day, it seems.

My birthday was fine.  Seems unreal to think that I'm 35!  Birthdays used to seem so exciting and "magical," but now they seem like just another day.  I guess it's because I have four little ones to pour myself into.  I enjoy THEIR birthdays now, not mine.  :)  But the kids enjoy MY birthday, so I have to still live it up on that one day for them.  Haha

So I just wanted to pop in and say that I was going to be out of pocket for a week or so.  I'm actually going to be evaluating blogging.  I have dropped the blog twice in the past, but I have always come back to it.  I recently had to turn comments off.  Apparently blogging isn't going to help motivate me to do well in weight loss.  So if blogging isn't going well, why continue?  I will say that I really ENJOY blogging.  I love writing things out.  It feels good just to "vent" on some posts.  But when people don't know you in real life, they can come up with their own conclusions about you.  That's just a natural thing.  You can't hear a person's tone of voice.  You don't actually know them.  You can't fathom how busy their life is.  None of us really know anything about someone until we've been in their shoes.

I did consider just changing the blog away from eating stuff and doing more of a family or daily life blog.  But honestly, I can handle rude comments towards me and how fat and lazy I am.  Fine.  I know, though, that I couldn't handle ugly comments about my family, our choices, our activities, etc.  So I just don't think a family blog is a very good idea.

I just feel kind of up in the air.  I will say that if I delete the blog this time, I really am not coming back.  What would be the point?  This is my third try.  Third time's a charm!  :)  So whether or not I'll actually see you when I get back, I can't say.  I do want to say thank you to my faithful readers.  I know that I really do have some.  Thank you for hanging in there with me through all these ups and down... and sadly, mostly downs (or would that be ups...???... lol).  I have made some "real life" friends in the blogger community.  I now have email buddies or facebook friends that I never would've met had it not been for beginning this blog.

Sometimes things in life just change.  What is right for one season may not be right for another.  That's kind of how I'm feeling about blogging right now.  My husband told me that anything that causes extra drama in my life should probably just be dropped.  There's no drama now that there are no comments, but there's also no fun when people can't comment.  So what's the point in continuing on?  I was talking to my mother-in-law about it, and she suggested that if writing is what I enjoy so much I could just create a personal journal on my computer to put my thoughts out there.  I could still vent and write but not put my issues and thoughts out for the entire world to see.  I think I like that idea.

Well, I had no intentions of going ahead and making a huge blog post and talking about possibly going away.  But I guess it's good that it's out there because now I can quit wondering about whether I should tell that I'm thinking about not blogging. Whew!  LOL

Everyone enjoy the rest of your week.  I am looking forward to some time away.  I need it!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Yesterday, Today, 35

I didn't blog last night.  I had another on-plan breakfast, halfway-on-plan lunch, but supper just doesn't do good with me, does it?!  Kidding.  Today is my 35th birthday, so celebrations started a bit early last night with dessert.  Hubby made plans to take me out tonight, so we had dessert with the kids last night since that won't be able to happen tonight.

Yesterday was supposed to be an S day.  Loved my breakfast!  I went with crepes again (2 eggs), but this time I put the filling on top instead of inside.  It was much easier.  I also didn't put any jelly in the filling (because I was out), but I actually think I liked it better that way.

Lunch was going to be on plan until my husband pulled out the chips. Normally I really don't have issues resisting chips (UNLESS THEY ARE DORITOS, haha), but it's that time where I'm weak when it comes to cravings.  So I had an on-plan lunch except for the chips.  I didn't have a large serving, but chips are definitely not on plan.  Half of a Joseph's pita with chicken salad inside.  Oh, I put dried cranberries in there, too, and they are sweetened so also not on plan.  Ugh.  Also had a string cheese.

For supper, I made lasagna with Dreamfields pasta.  It's supposed to be low carb/low glycemic impact, but there is now some controversy over it.  Anyway, the lasagna was on plan.  But I had a box of three-cheese garlic toast in the freezer that's been there forever.  I decided to go ahead and have it.  I can't tell you how much I was looking forward to it.  DIDN'T ENJOY IT AT ALL!!!!  I told that to my husband, and he said he didn't like it either.  I don't know if it just wasn't good, but it's what we always used to love and have weekly.  So maybe our stomachs just aren't used to that kind of carby stuff anymore.  I dunno.  I didn't snap a  pic.

Had a homemade cookie skillet with vanilla ice cream and caramel afterwards for my birthday dessert with the kids.  Yummy.

Woke up this morning to hearing the kids in the kitchen.  It's my birthday, so I couldn't help but smile AND cringe.  Sweet gesture but probably will involve a mess!  Lol  Turns out hubby was still home, too, so he supervised a bit and things weren't bad at all.
School board all decorated.

Breakfast, flowers, and cards.

Cards.  :)

And after that, it started snowing here and one of my kids puked.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!  Lol  Oh well!  Supposed to go out to eat with hubby tonight for my birthday.  Kid seems to be feeling better, so hopefully she's fine.  Everyone have a great day!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

E Days are Hard for Me

Saturday was an S-meal day.  So I was making today an E-meal day.  If you have no clue what I'm talking about, check out tabs on my blog.  :)  Anyway, I had an E breakfast but didn't enjoy it.  My E lunch was okay but not great, although I did enjoy having pineapple afterwards (it's an E fruit).  My E snack was yummy because it was an apple and 1 tsp natural peanut butter.  Midway through church, I was starving!  And we were actually having service with another church tonight that is farther away because we don't have a baptistery and needed one.   So I had an on-plan day UNTIL supper after church, and then I bombed.  At least with THM, you get to "restart" in 3 hours.  I have such a hard time with E days because the food seems boring.  Also, there is minimal fat, so I get hungry way quicker.  E meals and/or days are important, though, for the weight loss.  :::sigh:::  Oh well!  Tomorrow's a new day!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Photo Issues

Took a picture of my breakfast today.  Took a picture of lunch, but it didn't keep because my camera turned itself off immediately and I didn't know it.  :(  Got a pic of supper, but my flash wouldn't work so my dessert pic was too dark to bother posting.  I tried!  I'm very disappointed to be having camera issues because my camera's not even that old... maybe 1 year?

S Breakfast:  Two-egg omelet with shredded cheddar, mushroom, orange pepper, spinach, and tomato.  Turkey links, blackberries, and coffee with cream on the side.

S Lunch:  Chicken quesadilla (made with one tortilla) dipped in FF sour cream and half of a Big Boy Smoothie from the book.  Hate that my pic didn't keep.  I didn't notice til I had eaten the last of everything and went back to my camera to review.

S Supper:  Cade's Cove BBQ pork in vinegar sauce (which is technically off plan because of sugar, but I don't mind being flexible), green beans in coconut oil, and loaded cauliflower casserole.  I was proud of myself for not getting any seconds because I was full.

S Dessert:  Chocolate Peanut Butter cookies from the book with 5 SF chocolate chip morsels pressed into each one.  I drank decaf coffee with cream.

I just realized I need to go prep breakfast and lunch stuff for tomorrow.  The saying "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail" couldn't be more true for me.