Friday, October 17, 2014

Results are In

I'm at a hotel and about to sack out, so I'll just post the (mess of a) video.  I won't be back on the blog again until Sunday night since I'm away.  Have a great weekend!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Upcoming Plan

Okay, so this week was a total flop!!!  As long as I have time tomorrow, I'm going to go ahead and do my video of shame for WI day!  Lol  I will have to school the kids and pack, though, to leave for KY as soon as hubby gets home from work.  I weighed this morning, and I'm up 1.5 pounds.  Honestly, that's not too bad for all my cheating!!!  But I hate it!  But at least I know why it is so!  Anyway....

I am eating at home for bfast and lunch tomorrow.  Supper will be eating out while traveling.  Last year at this fall get together, chili dogs and several fall desserts were shared.  We will get home super late on Saturday night.

My plan is to get back to tracking on Sunday.  PMS or not, I don't care! I have to track!  I can't allow one week of hormones to undo everything I've worked hard for over the last 3 weeks.  So Sunday, I will be back to tracking and will say I have 29 weeklies left for the week to get me through until my new WW week resets on next Friday.

Next week will bring its own challenges.  I decided today that I am going to go visit my parents next week Thursday evening through Saturday afternoon.  My mom is a food pusher, and she's good at it.  I would eat salmonella off a counter top just to hush her up!  :)  There are all kinds of unhealthy snacks and foods galore.  There is never anything in that house with nutritional value, other than a banana!!!  I'm not joking.  They are mid/late-70s and eat McDonald's nearly every day of their life.  If it's not there, then it's Pizza Hut or Hardee's.  :::sigh:::

My dad is doing bad.  Really bad.  He's 77-1/2 years old.  He nearly died last year in October, got put on a ventilator, was left paralyzed and in rehab to learn to walk again.  Well, I told y'all there is nothing more they can do for his heart.  Another big issue is that ever since he went through what he did last fall, he has had EXCRUCIATING low back pain.  There is nothing they can do for that because his heart puts him at too big of a risk for any surgical help.  My dad is usually so jolly and happy.  Not so much anymore.  He is so depressed over his back.  He has started randomly vomiting.  His chest hurts.  Honestly, at this point my prayer is that he lives until next week when the kids and I can go visit him!!!  :(

So my point in the above is to say that this week it's PMS and traveling, next week it will be traveling, and then the 2nd week in November hubby is preaching a revival, which means more traveling!!!  There's ALWAYS going to be something going on to keep me from eating good and losing weight!  Life is just that way.  I am completely fine with taking off a day here and there occasionally, or even a week from time to time!  But I can't just say, "Well, this is going on, so I can't lose weight."  My life is super busy.  There is ALWAYS something going on!  I just have to face up to that and work around it.  I want this.  I want to not hate having my picture taken anymore.  I want to stop making "fat jokes" about myself so I beat other people to the punch.  I don't want to be asked if I'm pregnant for the rest of my life!!!  So that's that!

I did take the kids to the gym today and we went swimming.  Those kids have begged me for 2 months now to get in the jacuzzi.  It always looked dirty on bottom, so I contacted the gym.  They cleaned it up nicely!  I told the kids we could do it today.  They cheered.  They were in for all of about 5 minutes and said, "Can we go to the real pool now?"  KIDS!!!  I was really relaxing and enjoying the hot water and bubbles.  So we got out and went to the indoor pool and swam for 2 hours.  Good exercise, but I didn't do too much work other than staying afloat!

My eating was carby and junky and processed.  Didn't want to crawl out of the bed again.  I love our new schedule and sleeping in totally ruins our school day!  I can't keep allowing myself to get out of my groove.

Okay, that's all.  I am facing up to the issues, facing up to the numbers, and I'm moving forward! Nothing else can be done but that!  I'm glad to know you all appreciate my honesty on the blog.  I am really bad about being TOO honest, so I'm glad you like it.  LOL

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

I Killed It

And in a bad way!!!  I promise this is not me!  I've not given up!  Started out the day with a 2-egg omelet loaded with veggies.  Had grapes on the side.  Whoot!  I went to the gym.  I did 15 minutes on the treadmill, 4 different arm machines, and then 5 minutes on the elliptical.  I would've gotten some more stuff in, but the front desk lady wanted to talk to me when I got there about something that was going on.  So I was already late and then we chatted about 10 minutes.  Anyway, came home and had leftover chili and 2 Dove dark chocolates.  Then the urges started coming.  My eyebrows were twitching.  Demon utterings started coming forth from my lungs.  Fangs grew.  I wanted food and wanted it now!  But I held myself in check because I really had nothing to "sink my teeth into."  Bwahahaha.

Supper was supposed to have been spaghetti.  One of the kids asked if we could have potato soup tonight instead.  I figured that was fine.  Then my husband mentioned the Marie Callendar's pot pies in the freezer I had gotten at 50% off.  I had forgotten about them.  But when he said, PING!  Food trigger!  I didn't figure the points, but I remember from the past that one of those puppies is like 17 points+.  Eeeeek.  Had that with no sides, but still.  :::sigh:::  Then I had a dessert that shall remain nameless.  Bought it on sale when it was b1g1.  I've got to, got to, GOT TO quit doing that to myself!  If it's on sale and I want it and it's a dessert, just get one half price instead of two to "save for later," Staci.  Seriously!

Then I went to church.  I didn't weigh this morning.  I am going to the gym tomorrow for swimming.  I'm not burning as much as I'm eating, but at least I'm still moving.  I've gone from being excited about this Friday's WI to knowing it will be a bust.  Grrr.  I'm not trying to just give up and use the female card excuse, but I can say at least I really do know why I'm suddenly having issues.  It won't last forever.  I'm still checking in and admitting my faults so that I can stay accountable.  I want to dig myself out of this!  I must!

Again, I did take food pics today but I feel it's foolish to post them when it could just trigger someone to have a craving.  I don't wanna do that!  I used to follow a weight loss blog that ended up making me want to eat like a horse instead of eat healthy because that person was always traveling to exotic places and eating amazing food.  I had to unfollow!  LOL

I cannot quit yawning, y'all.  I got a lot accomplished today with grading school papers, filing school papers, preparing tomorrow's lessons, etc.  That feels SO good.  Hopefully that means I will get myself to bed at a decent time tonight!!!

Oh, let me leave y'all with a funny.  My third daughter is a hoot.  She takes everything literally.  I call her Amelia Bedelia.  She is what you would call BLOND.  :)   She got finished with one of her video classes early today, before her time slot was up.  I put everything in 30-minute to 1-hour increments.  I heard her behind me looking at the schedule mumbling, "9:47, 9:47."  Then she said, "Mom, WHERE is 9:47 at on this schedule?!"  She wanted to know what she should do next. LOL  Silly girl!  I told her she'd need to move on down to 10:00.  :)

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Hurry Up

I just have to say I reallllyyyy wish this week would be over with so nature could take its course and I can eat good again and not have a craving every second of the day.  So frustrating!  Plus, I am always tired on this week of the month.  I don't want to get out of bed in the mornings!  Totally didn't get on schedule today.  I already told the kids that tomorrow is back up and at 'em, though!  I love our school schedule.  It either makes me more calm or my kids less annoying.  Not sure which one yet, but it works.  Ha!  So I need to get off here and get to bed!

I did take food pics from today, but I'm not even going to post them.  It's not worth it!  No inspiration whatsoever.  I slept in, so breakfast was a Kashi bar and cofee.  I had a banana as a snack.  Tomorrow was supposed to be eat out for lunch on the way home from the gym, but I asked hubby to bring something home today instead since we were all thrown off schedule anyway.  I wanted a #1 combo, but instead I got a Wendy's Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger and a value fry.  I sent my husband to the Dollar General for a Reese's pumpkin.  They didn't have any.  He went to the gas station.  They didn't have any.  I told him this is Halloween season and people MUST have them. Rofl  We personally don't even celebrate Halloween, but I want my pumpkin!!!!  Ha  He wanted to know if a normal Reese's was okay, but the pumpkins are just so much better because they have more peanut butter.  Can I get a witness?  Lol  Poor guy went BACK to Dollar General (they are just 1 minute away from each other) and bought an assorted bag of mini pumpkins and Hershey's.  I had 3 of the mini pumpkins.  He gets home and realizes all the Hershey's have graves on them with hands sticking up from the dirt.  Oy!  We unwrapped them and stuck the bars in a baggy.  LOL

I managed to drink one bottle of water all day.  I didn't go to the gym OR exercise at home.  Supper was a bagged Bertolli meal and 1 slice of garlic toast per person.  Tonight had to be a quick meal because we were asked to sing at a revival meeting.  In fact, tonight had to be fast, Wednesday has to be fast for church services, and Thursday hubby is preaching in the prison service so there's another fast meal.  We leave for Cunningham, KY after my husband gets off work Friday, so supper will be out.  This week is crazy in a lot of ways when I think of it!

To be honest, I was so freaked out about the pizza that I weighed yet again this morning.  I WAS DOWN 0.5.  What in the world???  But that's not going to stick.  My food choices have had a lot of sodium and junky ingredients this week.  At some point the tide will turn on me, and I'm sure it will be in time for WI on Friday!

I am going to the gym tomorrow.  No way I'm missing an entire week now that I've gotten used to it!  I dread going now that I haven't been in several days, but once I get there I'll love it again.  My kids are complaining that they haven't gotten to go see the babies in the daycare anyway.  Middle daughter loves babies.  Oldest daughter loves that she can take a novel and read without being bothered.  My youngest two love playing with all the toys.  Lol   I may be having cravings, but that doesn't mean I can't still go exercise!  I will say, though, that I've been way better than I normally would have during this time.  Small steps!

Someone asked about my fried radishes.  I take a small, 8-inch skillet.  I put it on medium heat and let 1 teaspoon of coconut oil melt in it and get hot.  Meanwhile, I'm washing off a few radishes and cutting off both edges.  Then I just cut them into chunks, just like I would potatoes.  I also cut up part of an onion.  Drop it all in the skillet and stir it around occasionally.  Find a lid that you can place on top of the pan after it's cooked for a few minutes uncovered.  Let the lid sit on the pan but be vented/half open.  Occasionally stir until everything is cooked through, no longer tough, and as browned as you want.  Season with sea salt, onion powder, pepper, garlic powder, or whatever desired seasonings while cooking.  I eat these now in place of fried potatoes, and for me it's a really great substitute!  Give it a try sometimes and save on carbs or points.

Well, that's all.  Nearly midnight!  I'm going to blink my eyes and be in bed.  Goodnight!  My cat is over 1200 votes note!  Please click here and keep voting!!!

Strong Winds and Storms

Wow, what weather we had here in TN tonight!  I'm sure some had much worse, but I'm not used to my screen door being blown completely open and shut repeatedly before I can get to it!  Lots of limbs and things in the driveway from the neighbor's tree.  My ceiling is leaking.  We never did lose power, though, which really surprised me!

Someone asked about yesterday's post why not turn the Saturday evening dishes job over to the girls.  Funny because I actually suggested that to him.  When I do mention wishing we had a dishwasher, he always replies that I'm raising some and use them!  LOL  So I told him if he couldn't get to them, put those older two to work for him.  :)  Well, the girls do some dishes in the evenings, but A Beka homeschool curriculum is very involved with seatwork and book reports, etc.  I want them to pitch in and help and have their responsibilities, but I do also like to have them go outside and play or read and do things that kids do, too.  I try to keep a good balance.  Oh, and the reason we've never gotten a dishwasher installed is because this is an older house and two different professionals have said that it wouldn't be an easy install.  :::sigh:::  We are actually really praying about selling and purchasing something different anyway.  I'm def looking for a house with a dishwasher if we ever buy again!  We've lived in this home nearly 10 years now.  Time flies!

As far as putting the issue out here, he knows how open I am about things.  I've always been that way.  I tend to blog about whatever is on my mind.  Now had I come and said, "My husband is the biggest jerk on earth and lazy and no good!" I would think horribly of myself for venting online.  However, I tried to keep good humor about the situation.  I recall bunches of times posting how I couldn't make it without the help my husband gives, and I definitely mean that!  I am quick to point out on my blog when I am wrong and tell all my faults.  I have admitted some pretty embarrassing things that I've done on this blog!  I don't want to tell anything personal or embarrassing towards my husband, but a fight over the dishes just isn't something I feel I can't talk about.  I think most marriages have these little petty arguments that seem like SUCH a huge deal at the time but in reflection you realize you overreacted.  Both of us have apologized to each other for how we handled the situation, flared the situation, or reacted to the situation.  I definitely don't agree with airing out hateful, angry, dirty laundry online.  I didn't think of mine as that.  I'm sure to some men, they would be livid that the story was told.  My husband just laughs at me and tells me I'm crazy.  Everyone out there has different personalities!  :)

A friend of mine asked last week about coming over this evening.  Hubby and the kids went out for a few hours by themselves.  She had purchased Mom's Night Out and wanted me to see it.  I have to admit it was cute.  It was nice seeing some of my thoughts and feelings on screen because that lets me know that I'm not the only human being with those thoughts and feelings!  If I was, no one would write an entire movie with it.  Lol  My friend suggested bringing over a pizza, so I tried to eat very light all day to save up for that!

Breakfast was just 2 turkey sausage links, 1 slice of Delightful bread, with 7 grams of butter, toasted, and 1 Tbsp of apple butter on top, and coffee with cream.

Not sure why I didn't grab any fruit!  I know the bananas aren't ripe yet.  I set my alarm for 7:50 am instead of 6:50 am.  :(   I woke up on my own at 7:48 and panicked.  I checked my alarm 3 times before going to bed last night!  Obviously, I wasn't thinking clearly!  So I guess I was just cramming in some breakfast and getting ready to school.

My daughter had her piano lesson moved to 10:30 am at my house today, so we didn't go to the gym.  Piano teacher ran behind by 30 minutes, so I told her I'd just keep the kids moving along with their schoolwork until she arrived.  While oldest daughter was having her lesson, I did a 1-mile walk and cool down with Leslie Sansone.  This was NOT the walk to pick.  It's really fast paced (for me, lol), and I didn't enjoy it at all, just to be honest!  This used to be one of my very favorite ones back two years ago or so.  Hopefully I can enjoy it again soon!

After the piano teacher left, we had lunch.  The husband and kids had pizzadillas, but I chose something different since I would be having pizza tonight.  I grabbed a Lean Cuisine panini out of the freezer.  Instead of having chips, I had Cottage Berry Whip (cottage cheese, frozen berries, and Truvia) as my side.

A bit later, I had 2 Dove.

In the afternoon, I became motivated to do something with my laundry room!  It is the size of a large bedroom, which is nice, but because of that it becomes a dumping ground for EVERYTHING.  Well, I recently asked my husband to bring all of our clothing and shoe totes to the back porch.  I decided I wanted those things in my laundry room.  My poor husband has to go out there when there's something I thought we had in the closet that is not.  There are spiders out there, so he prefers I just stay out and let him get the stuff.  Well, I hate doing that to him.  He has to deal with spiders, hot, cold, rain, no lights in there if it's evening, and rummaging through a bazillion labeled totes on a mission.  LOL  So now, I can get this stuff myself!  I took everything out of the laundry room except the washer and dryer. I swept everything.  Then I started lugging stuff back in and putting it where I wanted it to go.  When my cat came in the laundry room this evening, he sniffed around a while wondering what had happened!  Lol

Finally, it was time for supper!  I made chili for my family before they headed out tonight.  My friend brought over one large Pizza Hut pizza with pepperoni and mushrooms.  I didn't take a picture because we ate on the couch in the dark while watching the video.  We both drank two bottles of water after.  I didn't make any dessert or anything, but we did each have 2 Dove dark chocolate pieces.

I weighed this morning just because I can FEEL the struggle I'm having.  I really think it's just the timing of where my hormones are at this week.  But I'm not getting in my f/v, eating more processed, etc.  To my surprise, I hadn't gained a single ounce since Friday.  I realllyyyy wanted to get to 10 pounds lost at this Friday's WI, but I'm starting to feel like maintaining is going to be something to celebrate!  We shall see.  I'm still counting points and trying.  This too shall pass!

Everyone stay safe tonight if it's storming in your area!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Not a Good Day

Foodwise the day was okay.  Otherwise, not so much.  Okay, marital ramblings!  I am always bragging that my husband is a HUGE help.  And he truly is!!!  Here's the one thing he fails to do that burns me up, just to be honest.  I shop on Saturday evenings, right?  I'm gone for several hours, right?  I have flat feet, always come home limping from walking around on concrete while shopping, and I'm just basically exhausted when I get home.  Plus, it's Saturday night.  That means I need to get things prepared for Sunday morning.  I have already told hubby several times that he can help me greatly by being sure all the dishes are washed and the kitchen table is wiped down on Saturday nights.  That way, I can set all the groceries on the table and work at putting them away.  Also, I can cook lunch as soon as I get home on a Sunday afternoon instead of always saying, "There's no way I'm going home to that huge mess!  Let's go out to eat."  Lol  When I left yesterday, I asked him to please make sure the kids picked up their stuff out of the living room.  Y'all, I despise clutter.  Hate it.  Four kids can create some major clutter in 4.5 seconds if you don't stay on top of them to put stuff away when they are through.  Lol  Usually I do this, but on weekends things are just all thrown off and stuff starts piling up.

So I didn't get home until nearly 11:30 pm Saturday night.  I walked in, and the living room had papers, toys, and shoes scattered here and there.  I immediately went on the offensive, I'll admit it.  I walked into the kitchen, no dishes had been done.  He apparently saw my face go blank, so he says he had to "get the kids their baths."  Well, no.  They all 4 shower themselves now.  Getting them their baths is saying, "Go take your shower."  Lol  No work involved!  Then he started saying he didn't get the dishes done because he had to study but he did wipe off the table.  I asked about the living room, and he says, "What?!  Staci, I had the kids clean that."  Obviously, men and women see "clean" in two different lights!!!!

So we didn't get in an argument about it.  I just figured what's the use.  We have actually HAD the "please do the dishes if I'm going to be gone all day Saturday" argument several times in the past.  No good.  So then I opened the fridge.  Oh my WORD.  Nothing is where I like to keep it at!!!  When he took the cold things in for me before I headed to another store, my final words were, "Please try to think like me when you put it up!!!"  LOL  None of these are big issues.  Just regular marital gripes.  But seriously, does he not live here?  He never knows where anything goes!!!  To this day, I have LOST a lime green fruit colander.  Do you know how hard it is to LOSE a LIME GREEN COLANER???  He just put it in some random place while unloading the dish drain, and now none of us can find it.  Lol

So I came home dog tired to having to redo the fridge so I could actually find things I needed this week, redo the freezer because I play Tetris with our freezer foods whereas he plays "Cram the Freezer Full."  Ha!  I had clothes that had to come out of the dryer and soured clothes in the washer to rewash and then dry.  I had to put dry and canned goods away.  I went around the living room and kitchen picking up all kid things and putting them on the love seat to make the kids put up today after service.

Then I made the incredible mistake of walking into the kids' bedroom to check on them while they were sleeping.  Could've broke my neck!!!  I'm still confused as to exactly what the kids supposedly cleaned, and hubby, too, as far as that goes!  Lol  All this time that I'm running around crazy, hubby is "studying" (which is ALWAYS snoring while sitting on the couch with Bible open).  Yes, I'm being a mean, bad wife.  LOL  He reads his Bible every day and I see notes scribbled down all over papers all the time.  He really does study, but he always pulls the study card on Saturday nights when it really should be called the snore card!!!  Ughhhhh.

Long story short?  I finally went to bed at 2:56 am.  Yep.  And I set my alarm for 7:50 am, which I knew would put me running like mad, but I knew I'd need sleep!!!!

I know that a normal person would've just said phooey on the groceries, the laundry, and all the toys scattered around.  But if you've not noticed, I'm not a normal person.  My brain doesn't function like that.  I drive everyone nuts because if I get something in my mind I *have* to accomplish it!!!  A month or two ago I found a food stamp card in the parking lot at a nearby McD's.  I searched fb,, and the internet in general for two hours until I finally found a way to reach the person.  I just don't give up when I have my mind set that something should be a certain way.  Yes, it's annoying to me, too, and I wonder if it's not a touch of OCD!

I even took a "color test" online, and check out the last sentence of my results:  You belong to the red color family! The color psychology quiz tells us that like those intense reds that you subconsciously most relate to, you're vibrant and passionate. You have a pioneering spirit and incredible leadership qualities. You're ambitious and determined. You're known for being strong-willed and confident. You tend to be the center of attention and you're impossible to overlook. Your energy can be a bit overwhelming, but on the bright side... once you've set your mind to something, there's no stopping you!

So there's proof.  Haha

So of course I could barely drag out of bed this morning.  The elderly lady needed a ride again.  I was picking coordinating outfits for a family pic my mother-in-law took today.  Hubby is preaching a revival in November.  The pastor wanted to put our family's pic in the newspaper when advertising it.  After all the work to figure out matching stuff, I realized that it'll more than likely be a black and white picture.  DUH!  :)  Anyway, so I ran late for church.  My eyeballs were burning with being sleepy.  One of our bus kids was in one of his loud and wild moods today.  I hate having my picture taken and having to see how big I am!  It really bugs me, especially since I've lost 9 pounds and should be skinny by now, yanno?  LOL
Everyone looks great, but it's so hard for me to see my face be so heavy.  But it is what it is, and I really do look that way right now.  Trying to change that!

Got home from church and was so exhausted that I just sat down and replied to some emails and chose this pic from one of 12, cropped it, etc.  Hubby got home from dropping off the van kids and adults and sees I'm not cooking and asks if we are going to eat or not.  So, of course, being the Proverbs 31 woman I am, I reply, "No.  FIRST, I have to wash all those dishes."  And that was all it took.  Argument time.  Yes, preachers and their wives argue, too.  And it stinks because you feel like you should be above arguing or something.  Great service this morning as far as preaching and all, and then you come home and get into an argument.  Ugh.

It ended with me washing dishes out of being angry and proving I was going to wash dishes and me telling him I was never, ever gonna cook again!  LOL   And I was determined to prove it.  I finished my dishes, left the kitchen, and he made our lunch.  Sheesh.  But don't feel too horrible for him!  It was just microwave bbq meat, microwave steamed broccoli, and he cut some potatoes and made fried potatoes for him and the kids.  After I felt calm enough to be in the same room with him, I went in and made myself fried radishes.  LOL

I'm totally NOT bragging about our argument or what went on.  But this is my blog, and I am just venting, story telling, and trying to hopefully make someone out there feel less bad about their own marriage.  Ha!

I ended up feeling completely ridiculous and worthless, crying by the time 5:00 pm came, and missing church tonight.  :(  Of course, I blamed that on him, too.  I told him if he wants me to go to church on Sunday nights, he needs to wash dishes on Saturday nights like I've asked him, too.  LOL  I put on PJs, my eye mask, and I fell asleep nearly immediately!  I requested that no one wake me up when they got home because I would like to just sleep on through until the morning, but as soon as that booger husband of mine got home he came right in and woke me up to tell me stuff.  LOL  Oh well!  So now I've taken a 3-hour evening nap, which has messed up going to bed tonight.  I just can't win, y'all!

Hubby and I are fine.  We've been married 15 years.  We've learned by now that you're going to get aggravated with someone you live with all the time.  I still think he was wrong not to do those dishes since he knows how important that is to me on a Saturday night.  He still thinks I'm totally overreacting and blowing things out of proportion.  I guarantee the next Saturday we are at home, he will do the dishes.  But then a week or two after that, he won't again.  Ha!  Marriage is just something else.  I think it's because it's 2 humans involved.  ;)

Did I mention that this is PMS week?  Not sure if you could tell by the huge novel I just wrote about being mad that my whipping cream wasn't put in the right place in the fridge. LOL

So here's my food:

1/2 a Clif bar, 2 turkey links, coffee with 3 SF creamers.  I only had time to drink almost half the coffee, but I counted for the creamers anyway.

Healthy Life bun, 14 grams RF mayo, jalapeno slices, Cade's Cove bbq in red sauce, broccoli and 14 grams RF cheddar, and radishes and onions cooked in 1 tsp coconut oil. 

I was hoping to just sleep straight through supper, but since I got woken up I ate a Lean Pocket pretzel bread sandwich and a 4 points+ pack of Doritos. 

Seriously lacked on f/v servings today.  Only drank 1-1/2 bottles of water all day.  I think I'm going to try to drink another before I go to bed.  Hoping to chase down the Doritos.  Lol  I'm really feeling the mental strain right now.  I hope I come out of this week alive... and my husband, too!  Ha!  My cat has almost 1070 votes now.  I voted for 4 other cats tonight, and the most any of them had was 57 votes.  And they were super cute!  Go, Reese, Go!  VOTE!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Zaxby's is Killer

Okay, I really have to get my Saturdays together!  For starters, I have been scheduling a meal for supper at home on Saturday nights.  But both my husband and I have so much going on when Saturday rolls around, the supper meal gets pushed aside.  Hubby and the kids end up just finding something in the cabinets pretty late after finally getting home, and I am always out and about grocery shopping and get something while out.  I am really getting sick of weekly shopping trips.  Shopping for Disabled Man doesn't make things any easier, honestly.  Shopping for an extra person, separate transactions, taking his food to him, cooking plates for him.  Argh.  I guess I'm just griping tonight, but it's late and I'm tired!  Lol

Okay, so now my cat is nearly at 1000 votes!  I'm shocked!  This cat is gonna need his own blog.  LOL  How funny.  You can vote HERE.

Breakfast was a Luna bar, 2 turkey links, a banana, and black coffee.

A while later, we headed out to Touch A Truck.  We didn't get to go last year because my dad was so sick.  The kids really had a good time.  And it's free!

It was time for lunch after this ended.  I really had in mind to have Wendy's.  Hubby, however, wanted Zaxby's.  Plus, the 3 of the kids had a free kids meal coupon.  I felt so reluctant.  Zaxby's is TERRIBLE as far as fat/calories/points.  Ugh!  Sure enough, Zaxby's isn't in my dining out guide.  some place Zoopa is????  But not Zaxby's. Anyway, I text a couple friends to help me with points (I don't have a smart phone to look them up on), but neither of them replied until after I had already ordered my food.  I got a little bit different points value than they did after I came home and used the Zax website to look up points, but things were still high.  I got the Nibblerz meal but only ate 2 of the Nibblerz.  I gave my husband the third one.  I took over half the fries off my plate so I wouldn't eat them.  I drank cherry Dasani water.  Turns out one Nibbler is worth 9 points+ each!  An entire order of fries would've been 10 points+, so thank the Lord I only ate a third!

When we got home, I finished up my grocery list while eating the other half of my Dove dark chocolate bar.

Then I headed out to the grocery stores.  How can it take one human being so long to shop?  And I don't have Savings Catcher since I don't have a smart phone, so I go to 4 different stores to get deals.  I do price comp some, but I really prefer to give other stores my business instead of just Walmart.  Plus, it takes the cashiers a while to do price comps.  I can't imagine if I did ALL price comping!  So I was out for several hours.  I ended up getting another half chicken bacon ranch salad from Wendy's.  Really good.  Wish I hadn't spilled dressing on my shirt!  ;)

I did something really dumb at Publix and bought a bag of Kraft caramels because they were half price.  I called my husband so he could figure the points value - 4 points+ for 5.  I decided I would eat only 2.  Then I reached over and grabbed a third.  Finally, I went ahead and ate a full 5 caramel candies.  I could have kept eating!!!  Thankfully, I didn't.

I really got to looking around at Walmart, so I took forever with my Publix/Walmart part of the shopping trip.  :::sigh:::  I also ran into a good friend up there, and we got to talking for a while in the parking lot.  So I didn't even leave there until 10:30 pm.  I called my husband to let him know I was heading home (because he hauls in all the groceries for me), and he asked me to stop at Taco Bell because he never did eat anything with the kids.  It had been at least 2 hours since I ate the salad, and I felt a little hungry.  Actually, I probably didn't.  But you just can't send an overweight person through the drive-thru!!!!  So I got a cheesy rollup. I didn't take a picture, and I won't bore you by searching Google for a pic to use.  Lol

So that is my day.  I'm not proud of myself today.  I mean, I am but I'm not!  Breakfast was fine, although processed.  I tried my best at lunch, but the food is just so high in points.  I know Zaxby's has a really great salad, but I was in the mood for a burger or something.  I did good by getting a salad for supper, but then I had the Taco Bell item.  I should've had only the Dove OR the caramels - not both.  So it was a win/lose day.

I still feel like the weekends are just really hard!  With tomorrow being Sunday, things should settle back into a routine and be okay.  Hope your weekend eating is going better than mine!  I really, REALLY want to get to the 10-lb mark this Friday!  Although that may not be feasible with TOM lurking anyway.  But I'm gonna try!