Friday, February 21, 2014

A New Number

So I didn't really eat on Wednesday after lunch, other than 4 saltines and about 4 bites of FF sherbet.  Around 2:00 on Thursday, I finally decided I was hungry.  Since I was fever free and feeling a lot better, I ran an errand.  I decided the only thing that sounded good was an Arby's roast beef sandwich.  I ordered 2 junior ones, combined both meats onto one sandwich, and ditched one of the buns.  I also ordered a junior jamocha shake.  I took about 4 sips and couldn't take any more.  The sweet, creamy, cold stuff has sounded good to me while sick, but then I couldn't tolerate it.

As I was driving home, my kids saw the circus sign and started saying they wish we could go.  With being sick, I forgot all about the small-town circus that was in for that day only!  With each adult ticket, two kids got in free.  Perfect for us!  We haven't been to the circus since my older two were 2 and 3.  They are 9 and 10 now!  Gotta love income tax return time, so we went to the 4:30 showing.  Pretty decent circus, and it lasted an hour and a half!

When it was over, the only thing I wanted was a baked potato and some bread.  I wonder why being sick makes you crave carbs?  I allowed myself those two items.

So even though I didn't make THM choices yesterday, I just tried to listen to my body since I was in recovery mode.  I wasn't have any issues at all past like 11:00 am yesterday.  Very thankful for that!  No one else here has a single symptom.

So I weighed this morning expecting to be up in weight, but instead I was down another full pound.  That puts me into a new decade of #s that I haven't seen since my dad was hospitalized back in October. Still too high of a number, but a lower number than I've seen in a while.  Yayy!!!

We have a wedding reception to go to tonight right at supper time.  My plan for today was to make a cheat meal, one of our favorite recipes we've not had in months.  To my oldest daughter's disappointment, I have decided against that.  I've already been off plan for two days because of not feeling well.  Instead, I'm going to have a THM breakfast and lunch and will eat at the reception tonight.  That still won't be THM (chicken salad sandwiches, chex mix, and chocolate cake), but at least I won't be making a cheat meal AND eating off plan at the reception, too.

So this is my post for today.  I'll be back here Saturday night.  I plan to hop right back on program again like I did last week after a cheat!