Monday, February 17, 2014

On the Winning Side

I don't know what the difference is for me mentally right now, but I like it.  I'm just going to go with it while it's happening.  I'm really not having a hard time being a good girl right now.  I know that can change in a split second, but for now I'm just liking it.

S Breakfast:  Loaded scrambled eggs with fresh blackerries, coffee with heavy cream.  The berries were actually sweet, and I loved them!

Had to take Disabled Man to the doctor and to get a haircut today.  No one else was available to take him. His appointment was right during lunch time.  Grrr.  I am learning, though, and I'm making sure all his appointments get booked earlier in the morning from now on!  I was so proud of myself for staying on plan at Burger King, and also proud of my kids for not being upset when I told them no french fries.  For starters, what all I've been hearing about fast food fries disturbs me.  Occasionally, fine.  They just had some on Vday.  Secondly, I knew I couldn't resist having "a fry," which would then turn into many fries!!  I did allow them to have a vanilla ice cream cone instead of a toy with their kid's meal.  They were thrilled.  Who wouldn't be?  :)  I was able to take one taste and not touch any more.

S Lunch:  Two Whopper Jr. burgers with no bun and a side salad with ranch.  My kids pointed out that I was eating two salads.  LOL  I guess so, but I knew just the whopper thingy wasn't going to cut it.  I am used to eating a burger and fries.  So in my mind, I need a burger and SOMETHING.  I didn't touch the crackers or croutons and left some salad behind.

I went ahead and ran three errands since I was out and about anyway.  Boy, when public school is out, town is crowded.  When I finally got back home and got the kids back into schoolwork, I was hungry and wanting something sweet (after having to look at creamy vanilla ice cream).

S Snack:  I used some RF cream cheese, a splash of heavy cream, some almond extract, and Truvia to make a creamy concoction.  Then I put in a few SF chocolate chips.  Then I realized that I could put coconut oil, Truvia, and cinnamon on a Joseph's pita and toast it to make sweet chips.  I just used half of  a pita.  Yum!!!  This fulfilled my needs. ;)

S Supper:  Homemade lasagna with Dreamfields pasta.  I also made up another batch of Basic Sandwich Buns, split one, and then put butter, garlic salt,and Italian seasoning on it and stuck it back in the oven on broil.  Pretty good! 

S Dessert:  This is the only part of my day that I'm not thrilled with. I almost won the mental battle here, but I caved and grabbed a pack of Atkins M&Ms.  No big deal, but I really didn't need those.  It was more of a mental comfort thing.

I think I need to try to get in some E foods tomorrow.  :)