Saturday, February 15, 2014

Saturday Shocker

This girl stayed on plan!  Woohoo!  I didn't have a hard time getting back at it, and I feel so awesome knowing that I did it.  :)

S Breakfast:  I made these 3 ham and egg cups with various veggies in it that I had chopped up a few days ago.  I ended up only eating two.  I also had Cottage Berry Whip and coffee with cream.

S Lunch:  I had leftover Chicken Enchilada Soup and made a Joseph's pita into chips to go along with it.  Yummy. 

S Supper:  I have GOT to get back to shopping on Friday evenings.  Argh.  When I don't, everything is all messed up and we eat out on Saturday.  I had a place in mind that I wanted to go.  Hubby wanted Shoney's, and since it was closer to all the stores that's where we went.  I felt a bit nervous about going there.  When I think Shoney's, I think of their mashed potatoes and brown gravy.  But I promised I would be on plan today, and I didn't want to break that promise and come here making excuses!  On the way, my husband mentioned steak.  That sounded really good!  When I told him about my potato dilemma, he reminded me that they have a steamed veggie medley.  Problem solved!  My meal also came with the hot veggie and salad bar.  I avoided the hot veggies but made myself a nice salad.  I forgot to take the pic until after the salad was eaten, but my proof is the empty salad plate in the background! Lol 
I am a bread lover.  I didn't realize my meal was going to come with an awesome piece of buttery, grilled, Texas toast.  I immediately picked it up and handed it to my husband.

Then I was off by myself to go to Walmart and Kroger.  Aldi's closed before I got there today, so that means I have to go tomorrow.  Ugh.  I hate going on Sunday!  If it were just my food, I'd probably wait.  But Disabled Man needs several things, and his foods are best bought at Aldi's for his liking and for his budget. 

S Dessert:  While at Walmart, I grabbed 2 boxes of the Atkins bars in purple.  I decided to try the Atkins version of M&Ms for tonight's dessert.  I was impressed!  Maybe this stuff is so good to me now because I'm used to Truvia and different kinds of sugar, but I really enjoyed these.  And I didn't feel like the package was a total ripoff.  I ate them as I was driving, and it seemed that I kept being able to reach in and get some.  That's a plus!

And so that's it.  I realize now that I drank nothing but water all day other than my coffee this morning.  Water is always a good thing.  Night!