Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Where's My Pillow

Y'all, I am TIRED.  Someone give me my energy back, please!  It is 9:30 pm, and I already feel ready for bed.  That's not me.  Not sure why I'm so wiped out, but I'm gonna to listen to my body and crash here shortly.

E Breakfast:  Trim Healthy Pancakes, SF syrup, turkey links, and blackberries.  I drank coffee with unsweetened almond milk.  I forgot to snap a pic.  You can pretend there are blackberries in this old pic.  :)

S Lunch:  We had pizzadillas and some Cottage Berry Whip.

S Snack:  I had been gone from home for like 3 hours.  I came home to a wrecked kitchen from lunch, school desks and books still up in the living room, and just chaos in general.  I grabbed an Atkins "payday" bar.

S Supper:  Delicious.  Homemade hot wings with blue cheese, celery sticks, and loaded cauliflower casserole. 

S Dessert:  I'm at that point right now where chocolate is a need, get me? These are SF chocolate chip morsels.  I had these and then about that much more to fill that craving.  I followed it up with some decaf coffee with heavy cream. 

I peeked at the scale again this morning.  I wish I hadn't.  I was down another 0.5 since Friday, but then I felt disappointed by "just" 0.5.  I began to question everything that went into my mouth on Monday, over analyzing, figuring #s in my head.  I said I wasn't going to weigh again until Friday, and THAT'S what I should've done!  So from today on, I'm not gonna weigh again until Friday.  Never too late to renew promises, right?  Ha!